2018 Talent Show 


Future Stars of Iroquois County


Abby Tindle - Future Stars - Vocal Solo - Overcomer
Sea Shakers - Future Stars - Character Jazz - Under the Sea Madison Anderson, Canaan Curtis, Gemma Atwood, Blakely Henneike, Isla Burnett, Lucie Young, Avery Henrichs

Junior Division  


Polka Dots - Junior Division-Better When I'm Dancing - Jazz Group Lily Anderson, London Clark, Rae Stucki, Madelyn Loy, (2) Cecelia Utke, Sarah Parsons, Addie Kingdon, (3) Karsyn Legan, Madison McTaggart, Annika Greene
I'm Still Standing - Junior- Tap Duo - I'm Still Standing Vanysah Hickman, Aaron Green
Vocal Duet - Junior - Count on Me - Madison Mc Taggart Rachael Dexter

Karsyn Legan - Vocal Solo - Junior - Cup Song

Senior Division


Megan Schippert - Vocal Solo - Senior - When I Sing in My Car
Meegan Massy - Vocal Solo - Senior - Burning house

Soul Searchers - Group Tap - 1-800 - Makenna Pankey, Kennedy Oster, Olivia Simons, Taniqua Holmes
Ellaine Hibbert - Tap Solo - Senior - Galway Girl
Dance Duo- Senior - Bird Set Free- Sadee Wuetherich, Hope Aaron
Group Tap - Humanizers - Senior - Human - Kelton Musgraves, Courtney Thompson, Taylor Schippert
Alexis Krones - Contemporary Dance- Senior - Body Love
Tap Dance Duo - Senior - Proud Mary - Megan Kemarly, Hannah Eheart
Jordyn Ward ~ Vocal Solo - Senior One Time Only