2018 Talent Show Results


Junior Division

1st Place Junior Division
Dance N' Beats
Lily Anderson, London Clark, Annika Greene, Addie Kingdon, Karsyn Legan, Madelyn Loy, Madison Mc Taggart, Sarah Parsons, Rae Stucki, Cecelia Utke
2nd Place Junior Division
Sizzle & Stomp Vanysah Hickman & Aaron Greene
3rd Place Junior Division
Madison & Rachael
Madison McTaggart and Rachael Dexter

Senior Divison

1st Place Senior Divison
Alexis Krones
2nd Place Senior Division
Jordyn Ward

3rd Place Senior Division
Soul Searchers
Taniqua Holmes, Kennedy Oster, Makenna Pankey, Olivia Simons

Future Stars of Iroquois County

Future Stars of Iroquois County Winner
Abbie Tindle
Future Stars of Iroquois County Winner
Sea Shakers
Isla Burnett, Gemma Atwood, Canaan Curtis, Blakely Henneike, Madison Anderson, Lucie Young, Avery Henrichs