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What Everyone Is Saying About Us

In 1961, the Iroquois County Fair started at its current 83 acre site outside of Crescent City, IL.  A wheat field was transformed into one of the state's premier County Fairs.  Thirty-eight buildings are now located on the physical plant.  The Fair not only is host to the annual event, but provides year-round activities, events and opportunities to the County and local businesses.  A campground is located on site with a capability of serving 500 units.  The fairground is also home to the Iroquois County Law Enforcement Association.  They have a fully sanctioned and functional shooting range which qualifies Law Enforcement Officials County and State wide.  It provides many hunter safety classes for all ages and genders.

The County Fair culture encourages community support and unity.  Community members come to the Fair to support local entrepreneurs as well as the local clubs and organizations in their fundraising efforts; local churches, food stands, 4-H and FFA groups sell goods and host activities; individuals and small business owners sell products and local businesses promote their services.  The local community and economy are strengthened as community embers support one another.

Not only does the Fair provide space for communities to rally around their local organizations and businesses, it also provides a safe place for the groups and community to gather with activities appropriate for all ages.  Without the Fair, most counties would lose more than an entertainment event, they would lose part of their identity, traditions and history.

Agriculture education is a key component to the Fair.  The Fair provides a "Home" for the 4-H, Vocational Agricultural, Junior and Open shows.  They continue to grow crops and raise animals so their children will gain life lessons while learning about Agriculture.

No amount of money can be documented for the "Priceless" donations of volunteers who have made and continue to make the Iroquois County Fair possible!

1961 First Fair in Crescent City.jpg
1961 - First Fair at Crescent City
1961 Beef Barn first building on fairgro
1961 - Beef Barn - 1st Building constructed on Fairgrounds
1987 constructing campground.jpg
1987 - Constructing Campground
2004 Iroquois County Fair.jpg
2004 Iroquois County Fair
2004 Campground 2.jpg
2004 Campground during Fair
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