Camping spots are available at the Iroquois County Fair - $160 for the Fair Week

Camper locations will be issued on the following basis:

  • Postmark on completed camper application (with fees)

  • Size and length of your camper

  • Available space

Campers from the previous fair have until July 1st to reserve their same camping spot.  After this date, applications from new campers will be reviewed and spots will be sold and assigned.  If a group of campers wants to camp together please indicate so in your application.  Camper spots are not transferable. 

All camper spots will be $160.00 and will include one parking permit.  Campers have increased in size so parking has become congested.  Your vehicle must fit into YOUR space even with the parking permit or it will have to be in the general parking lots.  Only one permit will be issued! No extra parking by tie-outs!

Please be courteous, if you only purchase your lot for parking, consider taking one of the lots to the north.  Let the people who are camping have the more even spots.

Campers may be brought in on beginning on Sunday July 11, 2021 at 8:00 a.m.

These rates are from Sunday, July 11- July 18.  Absolutely no campers will be allowed to come in until 8:00 a.m. on Sunday July 11th.  Any camper disobeying this rule will lose their camping privileges.  The $15.00/day additional camper fee will be only for those wishing to stay after July 18th.


Note:  We have been working hard to update the camping area.  You may now have 50 Amp Service.  If you only have a 30 amp trailer you will need to supply a 50-30 adapter for you to be able to have electricity.

It is the policy of the Iroquois County Fair that alcohol as well as dogs are not allowed on the Fairgrounds.


Please remember that no fires are allowed on the campground.

Black water dumping will not be allowed during or after the fair.

In order to chaperone our young exhibitors and help relieve a small portion of our liability, we again are requiring the signature of an adult (21 years & up) who will be staying in the camper each night.


If you are not using your space this year, please let us know as soon as possible.


Documents will be mailed to you upon the receipt of completed application and fees and assigning of locations. If there are any changes to your mailing information, please note them.