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Fair Committees


Livestock Sale Committee

4-H Building

Open Class Building

Poultry & Rabbits

Clean Up Day

General Livestock Superintendent

Beef Committee

Swine Committee



Sheep Committee

Tractor Pulls

Dairy Committee

Horse Shows

Queen & Talent Contest

Draft Horse




Electronics Committee

Talent Committee

Food Sale Committee


Kid's Zone


Discover New Activities

Golf Carts

Youth Tractor

3 on 3 Basketball

Executive Committee



Building & Maintenance

Jon Mowrey, Dakota Borchers

Pam Nakaerts, Janice Anderson, Sandy Wilken

Sheila Schmidt, Sandy Wilken

Anthony Lucht

Paul Ahlden, Art Downs

Debbie Krones

Mark Schuldt, Dave Arseneau

Debbie Krones, Chuck Gocken

Anthony Lucht, Dennis Behrends, Darrell Aders, Paul Ahlden

Debbie Krones, Pat Ward, Brian Zecher

Dennis Behrends, Jayme Senffner

Darrell Aders, Art Downs, Jon Mowrey

Paul Ahlden, Dave Arseneau

Kim Bohlmann, Dakota Bohlmann

Executive Committee

Darrell Aders, Dave Arseneau

Executive Committee

Jeff Grabow, Terry Miller, Art Downs, Dakota Borchers

Dave Arseneau, Norvin Wagner

Pat Ward, Brian Zecher, Debbie Krones, Nita Dubble

Pat Ward, Gary Cahoe, Hannah Fink, Jordyn Clark

Sandy Wilken

Paul Ahlden, Debbie Krones

Donovan FFA

Kathy Aders, Sandy Wilken

Sandy Wilken, Sheila Schmidt, Charlee Mowrey

Anthony Lucht

Art Downs

Jacob Connor

Officers, Pam Nakaerts, Dave Arseneau, Jon Mowrey

Executive Committee

Chuck Gocken

Chuck Gocken, Anthony Lucht, Mark Schuldt

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