Livestock Sale Rules

Friday, July 16, 2021
1:00 p.m.

Many Thanks to our 2021 Livestock Sale Buyers

  1. 4-H members with projects consisting of beef steers & market heifers, barrows, market lambs, rabbit meat pens, poultry pens, market goats, and dairy animals must follow the steps below to be eligible for the Livestock Sale.

    1. A 4-H member is responsible for completing and turning in a Livestock Sale Card by the June 1, 2021 4-H show entry deadline.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

    2. The rabbit, poultry, goat and dairy species have limited numbers permitted in the sale.  Therefore, each 4-H member with these species must complete a Livestock Sale Card by the June 1st deadline in event their project qualifies for the sale.  No sale card = no chance to sell.

    3. A 4-H member with more than one project may turn in Livestock Sales Cards for more than one species.  However, the Iroquois County Fair Office (not the 4-H Office) must be notified by 6:00 p.m. on SATURDAY as to the one specie you intend to sell OR YOU WILL NOT SELL.

  2. Animals sold must be an actual part of the member's project and must have been shown in the proper class before they are eligible to be sold in the livestock sale.

  3. All questions not covered in these rules shall be taken up by the sale committee.  Their decision shall be final.

  4. The 4-H member has the option of selling the champion beef carcass or a live steer or market heifer.  Only the champion carcass will sell; reserve champion may not move up.

  5. All beef animals must weigh at least 800 pounds to be sold in the sale.  Steers & market heifers will be sold using the show weight.  Barrows must weigh between 220 and 290 pounds to sell; lambs must weigh at least 80 pounds to show and sell; goats must weigh at least 65 pounds to sell.

  6. All sales are final.

  7. Each 4-H or FFA exhibitor may sell one (1) of the following:

    1. One Steer

    2. One Market Heifer

    3. Champion Beef Carcass

    4. One Barrow

    5. Champion 4-H Swine Carcass - Reserve Champion may not move up

    6. One Wether; or Champion Market Ewe Lamb

    7. Champion 4-H Sheep Carcass

    8. Champion or Reserve Champion 4-H or FFA Market Goat, Champion Carcass Goat and all wethers 65 pounds or over.  Only carcass champion may sell - Reserve Champion may not move up.

    9. Meat Pen of Rabbits (maximum of 8 pens)

    10. Maximum of 6 poultry pens to sell.  Champion pen of poultry derived from a maximum of five pens of 4-H poultry; plus the FFA Grand Champion Pen of Poultry; 4-H pens selling include: 4-H Grand Champion Pen of Poultry, Champion Pen of Fryers, Champion Pen of Roasters, Champion Pen of Turkeys and Champion Penn of Waterfowl.  If the Champion pen does not sell, only the Reserve Champion pen may move up.  Six pens will still be the maximum listed on the sale bill.

    11. Dairy Champion Overall - 1 gallon of milk (The bucket must be provided by the exhibitor).

  8. The order of selling will be Champion pens of poultry, meat pens of rabbits, Champion & Reserve Champion wether goats, market lambs, Champion Dairy milk, barrows, and market beef.  Based on this order, the Grand Champions will sell first then the Reserve Champion, followed by the breed champions.

  9. Anyone who intends to reserve the right to show beyond the sale date must sign a deferred sale agreement.

  10. An exhibitor's name may appear only once on the sale bill.

  11. All animals MUST be in the sale ring when it's time to sell or it will go to the end of the sale bill.

  12. All awards, introductions and announcements will be held only from 1:15 to 1:30 p.m. prior to start of Sale

  13. All extra events MUST be applied to the Fair Board prior to Sale day.

  14. All questions not covered in these rules shall be taken up by the sale committee.  Their decision shall be final.

Carcass - Swine, Sheep, Beef and Goats

All carcass animals will sell by live weight.  3% commission will be deducted from sale check.  Exhibitor responsible for carcass.

Goats, Sheep, Swine & Beef

All GOATS, SHEEP, SWINE & BEEF animals will not be able to RESERVE their animal.  Their animal will get a check for only the premium money minus the 10% commission.  The exhibitor retains ownership of the animal and handles where it will be going.

Poultry, Rabbits and Pail of Milk

All livestock is retained by the exhibitor.  Commission will be 10%.