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Food Auction Rules

Tuesday, July 19, 2022
4-H Center
2:00 p.m.

  1. 4-H members with projects in the foods and nutrition area must follow the rules stated below to be a participant in the Food Auction.

  2. A 4-H member enrolled in both Livestock and Foods & Nutrition projects may be able to sell at either the Livestock Auction OR the Food Auction.   4-H members who choose the Food Auction must declare that by Tuesday, July 13 at noon.

  3. In order to sell an item on the Food Auction, the 4-H member must be enrolled in the 4-H project attached to the food item they are selling.

  4. The following list of food items by project may be sold on the Auction.

    • Cooking 101

      • 1 recipe cereal-marshmallow bars

      • 8” square or round coffeecake

      • 12 cookies, no icing

    • Cooking 201

      • 12 scones

      • 1- 9x5 loaf basic nut bread

      • 12 cheese muffins

    • Cooking 301

      • 12 dinner rolls

      • 1- 9x5 loaf yeast bread

      • 1 tea ring

      • 12 sweet rolls

    • Cooking 401

      • 1-10x15 loaf focaccia bread

      • 1 loaf French bread

      • Sponge Cake

      • 9” 2-crust fruit pie

    • Food Decorating Beginning

      • 12 decorated cookies

      • 12 decorated cupcakes

      • 1 single-layer decorated cake

    • Food Decorating Intermediate

      • 12 decorated cookies

      • 12 decorated cupcakes

      • 1 single- or double- layer decorated cake

    • Food Decorating Advanced

      • 1 stacked or multi-tiered decorated cake

    • Food Decorating Master

      • 1 original design decorated cake

  5. All questions not covered in these rules shall be taken up by the sale committee.  Their decision shall be final. 

  6. All sales are final.

  7. A 4-H member must be present to sell their food item. (Please call the superintendent if there is a conflict; some exceptions might be granted.)

  8. Each exhibitor will receive a check for the selling price minus the 10% commission if the item sells for $10 or more. Checks will be given to 4-H leaders to pass out on Sunday during project pick-up.

Superintendent – Angela Jones 815-471-6787

Committee – Janice Anderson, Sharlene Finegan, Carol Munson, Ruth Newman, Rhonda Pence,

 Gracie Schleef, Shirley Schleef, Gayle Schuldt, Sandy Wilken 

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