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Golf Cart/UTV Rules and Regulations

  1. Only those golf carts/Electric UTV’s authorized by the Fair Board will be allowed to operate on the Fair property. No gas ATV’s or UTV’s will be allowed

  2. The primary use of golf carts/Electric UTV’s is for operation of county fair.  If you have a specific reason for bringing a golf cart/UTV and wish to apply for a sticker this application needs to be completed for approval by the Fair Board.  All golf carts/Electric UTV’s and operators must be registered with the Iroquois County Fair Board.  Permits must be displayed in a highly visible area.  

  3. Non essential Golf carts/Electric UTV’s are for the disabled and are to be used for transporting disabled individuals only.  The disabled individual must be present when golf cart is being operated. A form signed by your doctor (handicap sticker is not sufficient) and a copy of the insurance card covering the golf cart/UTV is required. Also a permit fee of $25.00 is required.

  4. All operators must be 16 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license.

  5. The maximum speed is 5 MPH.  Any unsafe operation will result in suspension of golf cart/UTV rights at the fair.

  6. All golf carts/Electric UTV’s are required to yield to pedestrians and livestock at all times.  Approach livestock areas carefully.

  7. No golf carts/Electric UTV’s can be operated without headlights and tail lights from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise.


  9. No more than the allotted number of people may ride on the golf cart/UTV at any time.

  10. Careless driving or behavior that endangers or would likely endanger any person or property will NOT be tolerated.

  11. When parking a cart, be sure that the entrances to buildings and pedestrian walkways are not impeded.

          ALLOWED                                     ALLOWED                              NOT ALLOWED
          Golf Carts                                     Electric Only

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